NIA BSR Data Infrastructure Review


National Institute on Aging

Project details

RLA has supported various review efforts for the Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR), National Institute on Aging (NIA), in the past several years. Most recently, RLA provided project management, committee management, portfolio analysis, meeting planning, and science writing support to the BSR Data Infrastructure Review Committee in its efforts to provide scientific guidance on the division’s portfolio of data infrastructure projects. Read “Data infrastructure for aging research” blog by Dr. John Haaga, Deputy Director, NIA Division of Behavorial and Social Research.

RLA worked closely with BSR staff to develop metrics and conduct portfolio analysis activities, prepare background materials for the Committee’s review, organize Committee teleconferences and an in-person meeting, and draft the Committee report. RLA collaborated with the Committee chair to facilitate the entire process and produced a final consensus Committee report.

Work products and links

2016 Data Infrastructure Review Report

NIA BSR Data-landscape