OBSSR Strategic Plan


NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research

Project details

RLA provided an array of executive secretariat, analytic/synthesis, and publication writing, editing, and design services to support the creation of the OBSSR Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2017-2021. This multi-task effort required RLA to provide: (1) expert scientific writing services to summarize and prepare incisive reports covering an expert panel and advisory group meetings; (2) analysis and synthesis of scientific themes arising from a request for information sent to scientists and advocacy groups; (3) background research and an initial draft of the strategic plan; and (4) creative design, layout, and copyediting services for the final publication that would also create branding for multimedia use.

Work Products and Links

OBSSR 2017- 2021 Strategic Plan webpage

OBSSR 2017-2021 Strategic Plan PDF


OBSSR Strg Pln-landscape